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Community Engagement

Helios Education Foundation is committed to the success of all students in Arizona and Florida, and as the work of the Foundation has evolved over the past decade, Helios is focusing its efforts on specific statewide strategies in both Arizona and Florida. In Arizona, a state where Latino students comprise the largest percentage of the state's K-12 public school population, Helios is implementing the Arizona Latino Student Success Initiative, which is ensuring that all students, but especially Latino students, are prepared for success in college and career.

In Florida, the Foundation has adopted a regional approach through the Florida Metropolitan Education Initiative in the geographic areas of Tampa, Orlando and Miami of ensuring that more first-generation, minority and underrepresented students achieve a postsecondary education. In our Impact in Arizona and Impact in Florida sections, you will find examples of the Foundation's four-tiered approach to education reform which includes Strategic Investing, Building and Reforming Systems, Public and Political Will Building and Collaborating and Convening.

Italia, First Generation Scholars, Florida