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In Florida, we are working to ensure more first-generation, low income and minority students achieve a postsecondary education. Our strategic investments are focused on targeted, high-needs areas in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, where we are working to align high-quality early learning for high-poverty, minority and first-generation students to rigorous K-12 programs that ultimately lead to pathways to postsecondary education success.

Our Approach

Our system reform efforts are removing systemic barriers to equity, access and success for first-generation, low-income and minority students. These efforts include finding leverage points that open doors to opportunity for students from pre-K through postsecondary and reforming and aligning community college and university systems to increase degree attainment of more first-generation, low income and minority students. We are increasing the awareness and understanding of the public and political leaders about the need for improved academic performance and degree attainment by low-income, first-generation and minority students and their impact on Florida’s prosperity, and we are bringing key regional partners together to encourage shared problem solving, knowledge sharing and dissemination of best practices to improve student academic performance and degree attainment.

Italia, a First Generation Scholars student from Valenia College in Florida.

In Florida, we are working in the regional metropolitan areas of Miami and Tampa, to ensure more first-generation, low income and minority students achieve a postsecondary education.

Students from the University of South Florida, Latino Scholars Program.

Community Engagement in Florida

We know that Florida’s long-term growth, prosperity and future economic viability will depend on the quality of the state’s educ ation system. That system must effectively prepare its students for success in college, career and life. Although Florida has been a national leader in improving student academic performance, the state’s first-generation, low-income and minority students still trail their White and more affluent peers in academic performance and degree completion. Through our regional approach in Florida, Helios is focused on improving education quality, access and achievement across the P-16 education continuum in the state’s major metropolitan markets of Miami, Orlando and Tampa. This work will lead ultimately to more first-generation, low income and minority students attaining a postsecondary credential.

Florida Metropolitan Student Success

Florida Metropolitan Student Success

By Linda Jacobson 11