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Restructuring the Helios Team

Helios Education Foundation is more than a grantmaker. We restructured our Leadership Team in 2021 to work across three domains that, together, support the significant change required to foster equitable progress across the education continuum.

Helios Education Campus

Performance-based community investments

With each investment, Helios serves as a change ally, collaborating with organizations, as well as with other funders and our Board, to address challenges and to create a roadmap in Arizona and Florida to measurably increase student outcomes.

Helios Impact Strategy

Systemic public policy efforts

We seek significant changes in education policies that support the next generation of equitable education in both states, including commitments to education funding allocated more intentionally to those most in need of additional resources.

Helios Team

Research and data                        

We seek to lead by carrying out independent research—at Helios and in partnership with strategic stakeholders. We ground our investment and policy strategies in research and data so that we have a better chance of backing the approaches most likely to make the most difference.