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Expanded COVID Response

COVID-19 continued to expose glaring inequities in 2021 and, in turn, Helios Education Foundation elevated its response efforts in Arizona and Florida. Helios's support focused on avoiding interruptions in the flow of high school graduates into college and on providing access to the internet and to the technology low-income families need to ensure that students are full participants in digital learning.

Helios supported the following community organizations as part of its 2021 COVID-19 response.


Florida College System Foundation

College enrollment of high school graduating classes, 2020 and 2021

The initiative is aimed at 2020 and 2021 high school graduates pursuing an associate's degree at all 28 Florida College System institutions. The initiative provides scholarships and mobilizes high school guidance counselors and college recruiters to support college applicants.


Hillsborough Education Foundation

Expand Wi-Fi hotspot access for 50 Achievement Schools

Funding supports efforts to expand Wi-Fi hotspot access for low-income students in Hillsborough County School District's 50 Achievement Schools and provides devices and a year of connectivity to students who do not have internet access.


Miami Foundation

Miami Connected—Broadband internet, digital literacy, technology opportunities

Miami Connected is an initiative to bring broadband internet and digital literacy to every child and family in Greater Miami. The initiative is supported by local, governmental, philanthropic, business, and education leaders, including Achieve Miami, a Helios partner.


Valley of the Sun United Way

Digital Divide—Maricopa County

Funding supports Valley of the Sun United Way's efforts to help parents and students access online platforms; provides equipment such as laptops, hotspots, and mobile Wi-Fi to students; and supports coaching to help students and parents understand how to use the equipment.